D2NT Item Configuration Diablo 2 Bot

***For best results, watch this in 480p or higher in full-screen mode*** LINK TO DOWNLOAD MY BOT BELOW. ITEM EDITING TEXT DOCUMENT ALSO ENCLOSED: rapidshare.com This video gives you the basics on D2NT item configuration customization. I recorded it in 3 separate parts, so it sounds funny at times. Also, the editing isn’t the best. However, I hope you guys can start to understand how this all works, even though it’s really only the basics. Thumbs up, Comment, Favorite, Subscribe! Happy hunting! Check out my other videos at: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

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8 Responses to D2NT Item Configuration Diablo 2 Bot

  1. diablomaster121 says:

    U need d2nt bot 3.1? works in patch 1.13 download from hotfile.com/dl/95737109/8926cc­d/bot_3.1.rar.html

  2. TheClockStrikes13 says:

    @ReFleXFnatic got a full sorc now 😀 running d2nt again.

  3. ReFleXFnatic says:

    @TheClockStrikes13 Its cool, my account name is ReFleXFnatic, I’ll give u some stuff

  4. TheClockStrikes13 says:

    @ReFleXFnatic yeah i am. my account is dyrdylawx. but i dont really play anymore because i dont have any gear, and i’m working on other things right now. but if you wanna give me some gear i won’t object. =D

  5. ReFleXFnatic says:

    Are you on USEast? If so I would like to friend you!!!

  6. wilmion says:

    Just one thing, how do i specify all Resist or all Stats?
    Like an Small charm with 5 to all resist?

  7. TheClockStrikes13 says:

    @wilmion i suppose i can do that. ill put it into the description.

  8. wilmion says:

    Great video, ive been lookin for this!
    Can u fix a download for that notepad?
    That would be really awsome.
    Thnx anyway